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Thanbyuzyat in Burma

However, work continued simultaneously at both ends - Thanbyuzyat in Burma and Nong Pladuk in Thailand. Alongside, with the death of poor distressed workers. Malaria, dysentery, beriberi, 'killer' cholera epidemics, starvation rations, inhuman drudgery, lack of accommodation and sanitation, and lastly, gruesome brutality of Japanese and Korean engineers and guards inevitably decimated the workforce.

According to a horrifying statistics, around 100000 Asian laborers perished like worms. During 1942-45 more than 13000 POWs died. Another hair-raising revelation: During the 'speedo' period July-October 1943, being desperate for finishing the project on time, the Japanese subjected the laborers to round-the-clock hard manual labor for a record 62 hours at a stretch.

Getting the train on tracks in Edgemont



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