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Shwenyaung-Taunggyi-Banyi-Hsaikkhaung railroad and Mongnai-Namhsan railroad run through Shan State. Hsaikkhaung-Namhsan railroad section is under construction. Aungban-Pinlaung-Loikaw railroad links Shan and Kayah States. Aunglan-Hsatthwa railroad have come up in the midland. The Yoma belt railroad emerged as the Pyay-Aunglan-Hsantthwa railroad is linked with the Hsatthwa-Taungdwingyi-Kyaukpadaung. Kyaukpadaung-Bagan-Myingyan-TadaU railroad is in operation.

Barring the section negotiating the Pondaung-Ponnya mountain range, trains run through all the sections of the ChaungU-Pakokku-Gangaw-Kalay railroad. The tunnel piercing the Pondaung-Ponnya mountain range and the Yemyetni-Kyaw Tunnel bypass railroad are now under speedy construction.

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